Stories and Interviews

Mike talks about his experience as a Chinese immigrant from the early 2000s. He expands on the assimilation culture he faced as well as what he thinks went well and what he thinks needs to be improved.

Sriyans talks about his experience as the child of two Indian immigrants. He discusses the challenges his parents face even up until today and what challenges he faces himself. Sriyans also takes time to discuss what he thinks needs to change based on his experiences.

Colorado State Representative Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, HD4, sits down to discuss her work at the Capitol and the legislation she has passed related to immigration. She also speaks on the issues that still need to be addressed, potential barriers in confronting these issues, and ways for youth and the community to get involved.

Denise Maes is the Public Policy Director of the ACLU of Colorado. In her role, she oversees all legislative work that affects civil liberties at the State and local level. In this interview, Denise discusses her experience in immigration advocacy, challenges in passing pro-immigrant policy, and the need for community involvement.

Meet Ashish from India as he talks about his life growing up and the obstacles endured being in America.
Sweetie, from India, sits down to discuss her transition from India to America. Sweetie talks about how great America is, despite having to have dealt with discrimination.